Calcutta Run

My friend Simon send along details of a run he is doing this weekend. Poor, deluded fool thinks he can finish 10k! It’s in Dublin, around the Phoenix Park. I suggested to him that the route should be renamed:

Black Place (Start of your downfall)

Arbour Mountain

Montpelier Even bigger mountain

Infirm Rd (enough said….)

North Circular Endless Rd

Gate Phoenix Park (to be climbed over)

North Pole Rd

Phoenix Monumentally long Rd 

St Mary’s Hospital (if you get this far, you’ll be in hospital)

Military Rd (where they have a firing range,..)

Wellington Monument (your Waterloo?)

Parkgate St Gate (another one!!)

Parkgate St

Infirmary Rd (yes, I know, I know…)

Montpelier Hill Arbour Hill Blackhall Place 

For all info, go to

On Saturday 26th May, the ‘Calcutta Run’ a 10km charity fun run/walk will take place in Dublin between 2pm and 4pm. At least 1,500 participants are expected. The start will be at the Law Society’s grounds in Blackhall Place and will follow an anti-clockwise route to and through the Phoenix Park and back to Blackhall Place. THE ROUTE IS AS FOLLOWS – Blackhall Place (Start) Arbour Hill Montpelier Hill Infirmary Rd North Circular Rd Gate Phoenix Park North Rd Phoenix Monument St Mary’s Hospital Military Rd Wellington Monument Parkgate St Gate Parkgate St Infirmary Rd Montpelier Hill Arbour Hill Blackhall Place10 mins before the start of the event – (ie 1.50pm to 2.00pm) the Gardai will effectively close Blackhall Place immediately in front of the Law Society as the runners line up at the starting line on the street. Once the race starts the runners travel northwards up Blackhall Place and then turn left into Arbour Hill, along Montpelier Hill, down Infirmary Rd and into the Phoenix Park at North Circular Rd Gate. As the runners will be quite closely bunched at this stage of the race these roads, although open to traffic, will experience certain traffic restrictions until the majority of the runners pass from Blackhall Place into the Phoenix Park. Once the runners come out of the Phoenix Park at Park Gate St they take a left back up Infirmary Rd go right on Montpelier Hill and Arbour Hill and then right again down Blackhall Place to the Law Sociiety. These roads will not be subject to traffic restrictions.


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