Candidates, Round 2, Game 1 results

Leko, Grischuk, and Aronian have beaten Bareev, Rublevsky, and Shirov respectively. Kamsky and Gelfand agreed a short draw. So far, the heavyweights are winning, according to my earlier predictions.

I would love to see Kamsky go through. He has an amazing talent and wonderful fighting spirit. His openings are not particularly good at this level, but he still manages to win games. I have also enjoyed reading recently about his little spat with Nigel Short a few months back. Short can be a pain in the butt, but Kamsky gives as good as he gets while still maintaining his composure….here are some edited highlights:

Gata Kamsky: back then i didn’t understood your dirty psychological tricks nigel
Nigel Short: I was also accused of “looking at Anand too much” and what a pity that the match organisers failed to erect a wall on the stage , like you insisted that they must
Gata Kamsky: nigel you had your chance against garry no?, so stop complaining
Nigel Short: I do remember the death threat from your father, delivered in an extremely irate manner about 2cm from my face.
Gata Kamsky: so talk to my father about it
Nigel Short: “Talk to my father”? Why not “talk to Danailov”? we can all benefit from hiding behind our henchmen

Gata Kamsky: i have no idea what you’re trying to drag me and my dad back into nigel
Nigel Short: No doubt you would prefer to remember the result, rather than the manner in which it was attained, Gata. (Kamsky won the match 5.5 to 1.5!!)
Gata Kamsky: you mean your little dirty tricks ? We can go all day, you have your opinion and i have mine. So let’s leave it at that
Nigel Short: It is funny, how you are the only person to have observed that I am a cheat, Gata. Indeed the protests and accusations went on even when you were 3-0 up. I must have been the most inept cheat in history.
Gata Kamsky: I don’t want to talk about it, but if you want to do something about this, we can settle this like real men, outside. I’ll be waiting
Nigel Short: Yes. That is exactly how your Dad wanted to settle it too.
Gata Kamsky: It is YOUR problem. But your insinuations are insulting me. So put up or shut up


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