All over for Kamsky

In the candidates matches, Gelfand, as black, again comprehensively outplayed Kamsky. Kamsky looked ill at sorts, completely out of form. Whether it is tiredness or natural lack of form, who knows. But he played terribly badly. Leko secured the draw against Bareev that puts him through too. Grischuk-Rublevsky goes to the last game all tied at 2.5 each after todays drawn game. Aronian carries a huge advantage into his final game against Shirov, with Shirov needing to win as white to bring it to a tie-break. Their game today was a theoretical duel in the Gruenfeld. It puzzles me why Shirov decided to go for this kind of drawish game when he needed to win, although maybe he reckoned that as black it was safer to draw and then try to win tomorrow with white.

Scores: Leko 3.5 vs Bareev 1.5; Gelfand 3.5 vs Kamsky 1.5; Aronian 3.0 vs. Shirov 2.0; Rublevsky 2.5 vs Grischuk 2.5.

Tuesday’s Sixth and Final Games: Shirov v. Aronian; and Rublevsky v. Grischuk. Starts 12 noon Irish/UK time.  


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