Even newer blog names

As a follow-on to my earlier piece on new blog names, here’s some more:

Bludgeon: A blog that thinks being crude and angry will convince people

Blade: A very sharp blog, full of witty, cutting asides

Blow: An awful blog with lewd and unusually graphic displays of human body parts

Bloody Mary: A blog devoted purely to alcohol. Closely associated to a bleery and can look like a blur to the reader. There are more of these than is strictly healthy.

Blimey: A posting that makes you think “not many people know that”.

Bloomer: A blog that keeps getting better with age.

Bloat: A blog loaded down with huge graphics being downloaded over a 28k modem. Or the feeling one gets after posting a blodge. Ugh.

Blouse: A frilly, pink-coloured bling.

Bligger: Blog that coat-tails off other popular blogs. Turns up at blogs uninvited and doesn’t bring anything to the party.


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