Grischuk-Rublevsky Playoff

Grischuk won the first game, as black, against Rublevsky’s Scotch game. I can’t help thinking that Rublevsky should have played something different, instead of testing Grischuk’s preparation again and again. He was bound to come up with something critical.

The second game was a draw. It featured a very unusual position after Grischuk’s 40 Qg2-g1. This is the kind of thing that confuses the heck out of amateurs such as me. It looks wrong, all wrong. But of course, it is all perfectly logical. If on the previous move Rublevsky took the black queen, then after Rxe1+, Rxe1 again, then Rxe1+ forces white’s queen to interpose at g1. Hence, all the pieces come off and it should be a draw.

 qg1grischuk.jpgPosition after Qg2-g1


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