Ten answers from the Greens

I asked Ten Questions of the Greens yesterday. The deal is in, the answers are with us, and the jury must now decide. Good luck to the 500 delegates to today’s Green Party special conference, for they’ll hardly recognise a single Green party policy.

1) Shannon flyovers will continue exactly as normal. Demanding Dail approval for non-UN sanctioned flights is sophistry at its greatest. This is not a concession from Fianna Fail. Thus, the Greens don’t think the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians worth a second thought. Shame. 1-0 to FF.
2) A carbon tax is to be introduced, with not a single commitment on the level or the timing. So we just might, maybe, get a 1% fuel surcharge or an increased VRT level on SUVs? Give me a break. For someone paying €100,000 or more for an SUV, paying a few extra bob will make no difference at all. Pathetic. 0-2 down, maybe it’s just a slow start?
3) The M3 motorway through the Tara-Skyrne valley is continuing as before. This was the easiest thing possible to get a concession on and the one thing they’ve missed. Irreplaceable harm to Ireland’s greatest cultural heritage from the Bronze age traded for a seat at the cabinet table. 0-3 to the Greens.
4) Transport 21 is exactly the same as before, with some extra money for public transport thrown in. Road building programme to continue exactly as before. Where’s the gain there? 0-4 to the Greens.
5) Apparently, according to the Irish Times, Mary Harney was offered Foreign Affairs before flatly refusing and instead asking for Health again. Private hospitals will continue to be built on public grounds. We’re heading for a humiliating 5-0 down at half time scoreline here.
6) No mention of Jackie-Healy Ray anywhere, so I presume you’ve let FF do the deal anyway and you’ve sanctioned it with a nod and a wink. Tens of millions spent on bricking over large parts of South Kerry is OK then, because it cannot be seen from Dublin 4. You are in government you know, you can demand something. Oh God, 6-0.
7) I presume spending on parks and the environment will improve, but I have no details of this yet. Will I give this a goal to the Greens? No. Because the top-rate of tax will still be reduced to 38% and because the PDs are still going to be in government and there’s still going to be half of South Kerry tarmacademed over. 7-0 then.
8 ) The Greens have shook hands with Bertie and his FF cronies on a deal. They will be propping up FF for five years. Another goal by Bertie Beelzebub. And the PDs (Princes of Darkness) are to be included too. That’s worth 9-0.
9) I voted for the Greens precisely to not vote for FF. I voted for peace, sensible environmental policies, and better governance. Not this. A Green vote will never come from me again. Are you expecting to pick up votes at the next election? Just look to what has just happened to the PDs! 10-0 to FF.
10) The Greens haven’t even announced what Ministries they’ll be getting. That’s “a matter for the Taoiseach”. Huh. Admit it, this deal stinks, and you’ve got nothing, absolutely nothing, of value here. Get out before it is too late! 11-0 to FF and the Greens are still grinning.

I sincerely hope this deal is turned down by the Green party faithful. This is a monstrous deal that gives FF everything they want and gives the Green’s nothing.



  1. simon said,

    June 13, 2007 at 11:32 am

    Thus, the Greens don’t think the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians worth a second thought.
    Remember it is a UN mandated mission now. To stop it would be to act against the UN.

  2. Tony D said,

    June 13, 2007 at 2:44 pm

    People should pick their fights and the Shannon stopover is not one to pursue. We have little choice in the face of the might of the USA. those who pretend otherwise are sort of delusional types who actually believe Ireland is or could ever be a neutral country. Its a fantasy and a lie. Ireland has never been a neutral country, even during WW2 which was about as close we have ever been to being neutral. REAL POLITY always holds sway.

  3. simon said,

    June 13, 2007 at 3:59 pm

    Either you believe the Shannon stopovers should be halted or you don’t, but don’t hide behind the UN-sanctioned codology.

    The point is that this state has run a triple lock mechanism. (although this does not involve Irish troops so not strictly under this rule still) So using a UN mandate as a guide to irish foreign policy is part of every party except Fine Gael’s core foreign policy platform. It might in fact be a greater policy leap for Greens to abandon that now.

    Anyway thing is they were never going to all their policies in place. Either they chose not to have any implemented or some of them. If they went in with FG and Lab they would have more or less equal results (save co-location athough their is other policies that they agree strongly with that FF do but Labour purpose such as eirgrid.) The greens have to mature as a political party and realise what they can actually achieve. Dreaming will not get anything done.

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