Destruction of Tara landscape


So just why did Dick Roche approve the destruction of an archeological site near Lismullen on the route of the proposed M3 motorway on his last day in office? And why are the Greens not reversing it immediately? John Gormley is quoted as saying he can’t do anything about his predecessor’s decisions. Oh, really? That is quite possibly the most limp-wristed, yellow-bellied reply imaginable. If he wanted to reverse that decision, he could. The clue is in what Eamonn Ryan is quoted as saying today: “That was a decision of the last Government,” he said. “This is a new Government.”  Oh my, what sophisticated reasoning!

Let’s face it. They could do something about it, but won’t. Because they signed into government and agreed to leave the M3 motorway plans intact. And Minister Roche signed the order because it got the Green’s off the awkward scenario of having to sign the order themselves. That is a cynical betrayal of those who voted Green to make a difference on the M3 and represents the most grevious betrayal of our cultural environment and heritage for years. And sophistry and rhetoric won’t get them off the hook. Shame.


Proposed Route with Archeological Sites in dots


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