Laois luxury


I have to make a shameless plug for Castle Durrow, where my girlfriend surprised me with a night for two, with dinner, to celebrate my birthday yesterday. I was over the moon about this wonderful present. She’s my darling.

We visited here about 2 years ago and were delighted with everything – the beautiful setting, the incredibly well-restored house, the magnificent master bedrooms, the restaurant. Now, the place has filled out a bit more, is just as magnificent, but they’ve completed some peripheral building work and extended their offerings. We had a fantastic meal on Sunday night. The master bedroom that we stayed in was stunning! Really, if you do decide to visit, you have to pay the extra for the master bedrooms, a very unique experience.

Yesterday, we struggled to escape the gravitational pull of Castle Durrow and drove to Kilkenny. We dropped into the Kilkenny courthouse. What a contrast to Durrow. In these squalid, damp cells, people were incarcerated for years at a time, often for quite petty offenses. Makes Paris Hilton’s sojourn in jail look luxurious by comparison.


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