Ross Hemsworth has placed a bet of £100 with the William Hills bookmakers, at 10,000-1 odds, to prove to them the existence of an afterlife before Christmas. He stands to win £1,000,000. Either he is a fool or a charlatan, or both.

Let’s think about it. This man’s entire business – separating fools from their money via “talks” about the afterlife and the paranormal – rests on the assumption that an afterlife exists. But a reputable bookmaker is prepared to take a bet at gigantic odds that he is unable to prove the veracity of his central claim within a year. He is bound to lose. Both because he cannot prove something which is patently false. And secondly, because William Hill are not stupid and don’t go around putting odds on things that they aren’t confident of winning out on. According to them, they take bets on the moon landings proving to be an elaborate hoax at 100-1! So they consider Mr. Hemsworths claims to be 100 times less likely to be proven than that the entire world has been fooled for over 37 years about the moon landings.

Let’s face it, he wants the publicity for his forthcoming book. William Hill are happily taking his money from him, and the media (and myself!) are colluding in giving him free publicity. Which proves that he is a genius, of a sort, which means that he is definitely a charlatan and not a fool. This is a shameless act of publicity by a cheap, manipulative deceiver.



  1. Tony D said,

    June 23, 2007 at 5:43 am

    well said !

  2. jules said,

    June 25, 2007 at 3:17 pm

    Oh you can be sure that he is everything you say he is and more…In fact you have to laugh coz in the end everything he does FAILS.

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