Psychotic boss?

The BBC have an interesting story today about psychotics. It is a little known secret among psychologists that, in fact, they are not knife-wielding, drooling Hannibal Lecter types. In fact, they are much more likely to be sitting right next to you in your office, right now. They publish a list of characteristics (see below). Scary. Just think of someone you know. Without giving away too much, but there is an “Al**e” that springs to mind, perhaps a “M**y”, and certainly a “S*******r” out there that I have heard of/know of, who just might fit the definition…or not.

They are manipulative
They lack specific goals
They have superficial relations with people
They are impulsive
They are irresponsible
They crave power and prestige
They lack empathy
They lack remorse
They lie easily
They have predatory instincts
They are cool under pressure
They seek excitement and thrills
They take credit for the work of others
They fly into rages 

Come to think of it, is not every successful politician you’ve ever known a psychotic? That would explain a lot.


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