Metro West = M50?

The route for Dublin’s Metro West has been announced today: It goes from Tallaght to Clondalkin, to Blanchardstown, to the airport.

The report states “Metro West is being hailed as the rail equivalent of the M50.” Really. So it’ll come in way behind schedule and massively over budget. All the flyovers and interconnections will have to be rebuilt to handle the unanticipated traffic. There’ll be a toll bridge erected by a private company who will turn it into an enormous cash cow for many years, eventually forcing the government to buy it back at exorbitant expense. The rail lines will be too narrow, or there won’t be enough of them, forcing them to be rebuilt after a few years (“Like performing open heart surgery on a patient who is driving to work” quipped one expert. Great, just great.)

Or when they compare the M50 to the Metro West, do they refer to the laughing stock it has made Ireland internationally?

Whoever “hailed” the metro as the next M50 should be taken out and shot. Moron.


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