Take me to the asylum

A terrible new sports website has been opened. Do we need another one? It is called, appropriately enough, Sports Asylum. I think they meant, aren’t we all mad about sport? But it means to me that they’re just mad. http://www.sportasylum.com/page/Football

Anyway, looking at the front page, I was confronted with this masterfull piece of genius:
My thought? First, I don’t give a f**k. Second, who the f**k is Torres? Oh, yes, he’s that new guy they just signed…

The results? Even worse:

Torres has never kicked a football for Liverpool FC. Never. And yet he is ranked as only marginally worse than Ian Rush. If Torres scores 30 goals a year, every year, for the next 10 years, then maybe he might, just might, be considered for a poll like this. Until then, I’d ask moronic website editors to leave well enough alone.

Looking at the rest of the site, hopefully we will be spared it quite soon. It will shut down within a few weeks. What a lame, wishy-washy, awful website!


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