Spam, spam, spam

Akismet Spam protector does a great job of blocking out spam coming into my blog. In fact, only one or two have ever got past it. But one type of spam is quite hilarious. I cannot work out where it is from or why, but they keep trying to target my Calcutta Run Results 2007 entry, which is one of my earliest. Maybe it is the keyword “Calcutta” that they’re picking up on? Or is it the “sore feet and red face” comment, because this particular spam is all medical-sounding? The thing is: the spam is nonsense. But funny nonsense. Has anybody else got this kind of crap before?

Here are some excerpts:

“Education and samples and are required doctors as frivolous. Protective factors should therefore full advantage cleft. Recommended dosages epidemic prevent removed and the natural status. ”

“Sensitization and while still is made are found assumed. Mechanism of uninsured than assistance of sexuality.”

“Heavy smokers modified if public health doubled. Report of double gloving criteria dictated its clinical cocaine. The thalamus seemingly clear problems than variable. Coronavirus in will change in liability immune responses enzymes.”

“Tolerance to virus available as shown while taking negligence. While involvement the single records and studies have opioids. Women and have antibodies indeed the arisen. Nicotinic receptors optimal immune lose greater mind. Convalescent plasma pay in virus in detail.”

Mind you, it makes more sense than the recent Fianna Fail election manifesto…


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