Betty Perry, Utah

Oh Betty, you really have landed in it now. After your tangle with the law over your lawn, the Internet worm is turning…. This comment from “Orem Citizen” (what is it about “citizen” that is scary?) says all you need to know:

Brutalize? Someone needs to get the whole story
Submitted by Orem Citizen (not verified) on Mon, 07/09/2007 – 12:31.

Brutalized? The officer took her hand and she FELL herself. Of course there is more to this story. This lady’s neighbors say she goes on vacation to Florida and drives a Mercedes. She was arrested for not complying with the officers request, not giving her name, which any police officer will tell you is an offense at any age. She was not cooperative, she could have had a weapon in her house, just because she is 70 doesn’t mean she isn’t dangerous or doing something illegal. Someone aught to find out the entire story. There are now people collecting money to give to his woman, BUT her neighbors have all taken care of her yard for her a couple of times a year and she just lets it go again. Please do a follow up story on this in a couple of months or next year and see if she has made any improvements in her yard, and interview her NEIGHBORS to find out the whole story.

Goddam it Mr. Citizen, you are right! She goes to Florida, that proves it, what a den of iniquity. She must be running drugs or hanging with the gangs on the beach. And that Mercedes, now, is that a foreign car by any chance?

She could have had a weapon in her house, that is true, and who knows, she might have decided that pulling a gun on a police officer was a sensible thing to do in that situation. After all, that’s the kind of thing 70-year-old ladies do, don’t they, when they’re backed into a corner and they’ve nothing to lose? She’s obviously doing something else illegal, otherwise why would the police be interviewing her? After all, she was being “uncooperative” as you rightly say. Falling over when he whipped out his handcuffs, now that was just play acting…

Mr. Citizen, goddamit, why don’t we set up a neighborhood watch scheme outside her house. You know, kinda keep an eye on the old bird, make sure she’s watering the lawn in the desert that is Utah. We’ll keep weapons of course, just in case….just in case! America is safe in your hands Mr. Citizen. Ever think of running for President?  


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  1. David said,

    July 15, 2007 at 4:31 am

    Obviously she’s a career criminal. Jail time would only harden her up and turn her … into a … lesbian??

    I bet that most Mormons choose falling over as a defense when they are arrested. Got to admit, it’s brilliant.

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