No, I didn’t know what it means either. Apparently, it is from the Greek word “xeri”, meaning “dry”, and it refers to landscaping desert-type land with drought-resistant plants. It makes very good sense in places like Las Vegas, which are currently experiencing huge water shortages.

Today’s New York Times have a fascinating video on it today, where they interview Patricia Mulroy, General Manager of the Southern Nevada Water Authority. She speaks very sensibly of how people who live in deserts ought to expect desert-like conditions.
What I found interesting is a payment scheme they are promoting to get people to stop having lawns. That’s right: they are paying people $2 per square foot of lawn converted to more sustainable plants or ground. They’ve given $80m to over 25,000 people and saved billions of gallons of water being used.

They even have an advert where an old lady kicks a man in the balls for sprinkling his lawn. Now, I would urge them to use Betty Perry in that advert from now on. If they can stop her falling over that is.


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