What’s in a name?


Neal “Bomber” Toye beside his sign for Muff

This is a story that you just couldn’t make up. 

Some little, innocent town gets picked on by some large corporation (Jet2) and they come diving in, ahem, to rescue their reputations. The Irish Independent today has a wonderful story about Muff, Co. Donegal and how their name has been used in an ad campaign for an airline company. Ah, yes, puerile jokes time – have you heard the one about the Muff Diving Centre? I once took my girlfriend up the North West Passage, and I must have passed Muff on the way…

Anyway, what’s even more hilarious to me (because I’ve heard all the Muff jokes before…) is the picture above. Apparently – no joking – this guy is called Neal Toye. He is a mayoral candidate for the town. His nickname is “Bomber”. This is Donegal, on the border with Northern Ireland. Oh dear…And he’s bald. Will he be known as the Bald Muff Mayor? Is he one of the famous Muff Toye’s or does his family come from somewhere else?

And in the other direction to Muff is, eh, Quigley’s Point. Apt.

And in Letterkenny, on a slight detour (both physically and narratively), you will find the unfortunately named Lough Swilly. Which is fine I suppose, although you might grimace if you were actually swimming there. But a local meat supplier decided to call themselves “Swilly Meats Ltd.” Honestly, would you buy a Swilly burger? What were they thinking?

Muff only came 19th out of 22 worst place names in the world, which I have to say is disappointing. I found the link to the site and it is full of endless, puerile fun. Places like Cockburn, Twatt, Titty Hill, Bald Knob, MiddleFart etc. Mainly childish names for funny wobbly bits. I suggest that Muff twin up with Cockup or Cockburn or one of the other places on the list. That’d be even more silly fun!


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