A strange orb in the sky…

(An Irishman’s Diary entry for 31st July 2007)

Day 1 – morning

I was awoken this morning by loud chatter outside my cottage. I looked out, only to see a strange orb in the sky. I ran to the village square. People stood around and stared in awe. An onlooker told me it had begun around 5am and rose in the East. At first we speculated that it was a fire on a hillside nearby, but as it rose over us, we knew it was in the sky. The onlooker turned out to be Professor Eoin Humblebee, of the Irish Cloud Foundation. He ushered me into his library where he feverishly checked through his Foundation’s records for any similar phenomenon. He checked his records as far back as 1754 and nothing similar has ever been recorded in Ireland. Strange.

Day 1 – afternoon

The orb is now almost directly overhead. It is burning hot too. Reports have been coming in of people staring too long at it and becoming temporarily blinded. A certain amount of panic shopping has begun – for water and food. The square is largely quiet now, people have been slipping off to prepare for the worst. I remain calm, but concerned.

Professor Humblebee has been taking measurements all day long. He now knows the precise size, temperature, and movement of the orb. Letting me into his library, I discovered long-lost parchments from the 11th century, which talk of balls of fire, dragons breath, and allusions to strange blue-tinted sky. Maybe this is it?

We put our faith in science…to at least discover our grim fate before it consumes us totally!

Day 1 – night

At last, the orb has disappeared! Cold has descended again. We have huddled around the radio and tv, everyone is talking about the appearance of the orb. Professor Humblebee is exhausted from his research, but satisfied. According to him, it now seems certain that it started in the east and travelled across the sky, until eventually disappearing in the west. There are fashionable theories that, in fact, it will appear daily from now on, but Humblebee has confidently dismissed this as old wives tales and superstition. 

And there was no rain – another peculiar phenomenon that was most remarked upon. The clouds had gone too, which we assume were somehow ‘burnt-off’ by the orb. But Humblebee has confidently stated his scientific opinion that no force in nature was capable of continually burning at such intensity for too long. “The clouds,” he intoned, “were in Ireland long before us, and they’ll be here long after us too.”

Some people are reporting strange burns and red marks on their skin. We don’t know if this is associated with the orb, but given the heat and light, it probably is the culprit.

Day 2 – morning

Back to normal. It is raining again and the orb has not returned. The streets are full of celebrating people, the government has decided to give everyone the day off…


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