10 signs Irish boom is over

  1. Growth in property sector loans falls again for fourth consecutive quarter
  2. House on sale for 525k now on sale for 480k and still no buyers
  3. Local builder says he is experiencing the worst slump in his entire career, aside from short spell in 1987 (personal anecdote)
  4. The property bubble has burst
  5. Imports down 2% for month of June
  6. Dixons and Currys says the consumer boom is over
  7. US is heading for recession, according to some experts
  8. Irish firms dealing in some dodgy financial products rake up enormous debts overnight
  9. Estate agents start comparing the Irish economy to the Rolling Stones!
  10. SSIA’s have been spent on foreign holidays rather than internal consumption  


1 Comment

  1. Tony D said,

    August 27, 2007 at 8:57 am

    What boom??? It was only a myth.

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