Mad red cow disease

I just came off the maddest roundabout ever in Ireland (I have a small note explaining this below for the uninitiated).

Inspired by my lucky escape, I thought I’d invent a few apt car stickers/t-shirts. (Excuse the inept art work please – I admit I suck at graphic design. But I hope you appreciate them anyway!)


They are currently rebuilding the Red Cow roundabout on the outskirts of Dublin, which is at the intersection of Ireland’s two busiest roads – the M50 and the Naas dual carriageway. They used to have a roundabout system in operation with two flyover bridges. Then they build a tram line that used one side of the roundabout. Due to capacity problems they’ve now decided to rebuild it entirely as a spaghetti junction. One very smart critic said it was like doing a heart bypass on someone as they drove to work. It is hell on earth for drivers. However, in fairness, how the engineers can build a spaghetti junction while it is still being used is a miracle of topological ingenuity.


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