Irving Welsh on Dublin

The Scottish author of Trainspotting, Irving Welsh, lives in Dublin. He’s written a short account of the city in the travel section of today’s English Independent newspaper. I’d say he’s got it pretty much right, in my opinion, except for the idea that:

I love all the old Irish shops and supermarkets which the government has preserved. They’ve kept all the big chains out – there aren’t Nexts and Gaps everywhere.

Huh? Quite the opposite!! The government has done nothing to save the indigenous character of our shopping streets.

But I agree with his comment about Kilmainham Jail:

Kilmainham Jail is a place I would recommend any visitor to see. It tells the story of the 1916 Easter Rising, and the struggle for the Free State and the republic. It’s a really atmospheric museum: you can see where the leaders from 1916 were executed and the cells where they were incarcerated. 

I live five minutes walk from it and it is well worth a visit.  


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