Rugby opening shambles

Opening ceremonies are invariably ripe for laughter, but this World Cup opening ceremony ranks high on anyone’s list of Most Embarrassing Moments Ever. If it wasn’t for Britney Spear’s heavy-weight waddle around the MTV stage this weekend, it would have been the funniest performance of the past year.

It all began with lots of drummers banging on….well, drums actually. Real oil drums, painted red. And flying jets, moving incredibly fast over and away from the stadium (perhaps they knew what was coming next). Then four sets of dancers gaily trotted onto the field, dressed in bicycle helmets, American football-style jerseys, and leggings. Most had the good taste to look embarrassed. I thought I saw one or two even glancing over their shoulders to see if they could make a quick escape.

These umpa lumpas were choreographed to dance in a representation of the style and passion of Rugby Union – which is why I am puzzled that they looked more like lots of funnily dressed people running and jumping aimlessly around a rugby pitch. Oh, I forgot, that is rugby…or at least the sort played by Ireland.

To cap it all off, they fearlessly pushed extremely large wheelie things into the centre of the pitch. (I cannot adequately describe what they looked like nor give an even half-assed guess as to what they were there to represent. Just accept that they were insanely big and equally daft). After raising the wheels aloft (as you do) they proceeded to shout abuse at each other (but only pretend abuse). If this is rugby, it is a daft sport played by badly-dressed, overweight nancy boys. Again, I must pause and acknowledge that, well, that is rugby.

I guess that the genius behind this display of musical talent and dancing prowess is under police protection today.

On they have an incredibly hilarious advertisement for the event, which is worth quoting in full:

Rugby the game which has become a huge craze among the players and the spectators too is played in more than 120 countries. Its richness and glory lies in its history, traditions, companionship and the community dedication in the sport. The fad for Rugby is so widespread that right from children to old people; all indulge their time in cheering for this fantastic and energetic sport.

Every age group waits for Rugby games very eagerly. And as the time for Rugby World Cup 2007 is approaching so the interests and preparation for this is also touching a sky-rocketing high. In France great preparations have been made for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of Rugby World Cup 2007.

The opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup 2007 will be held in the season of autumn of 2007 in France, the host nation for the sixth Rugby World Cup. The opening ceremony of Rugby World Cup will held on September 7 heralding a 6 week of gala festival. In the opening ceremony numerous top players from all across the world will gather. The highlight of the opening ceremony of Rugby World Cup 2007 will be the unique presentation of the combination of the sporting event with cultural richness of France with the best in world rugby. However after this event, 48 matches of the tournament will be kicked off across France with a few important matches that will be held in Cardiff and Edinburgh.

Similarly, the closing ceremony of the Rugby World Cup 2007 will be an event to watch. In this ceremony, trophies will be distributed followed by colorful musical presentations. offers you exciting information on Opening and Closing Ceremonies of Rugby World Cup 2007 and others to help you know every detail about Rugby World Cup 2007.


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  1. John Kruger said,

    July 16, 2013 at 1:14 pm

    I’m watching it now and you’re right. I’d go as far to say this was the worst, most embarrassing opening ceremony of all time. I can’t believe we’re still not talking about it.

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