The Taoiseach, the mistress, and the businessman

Does anybody actually understand what this Mahon tribunal is all about? I don’t mean the purpose or the terms of reference particularly – although they are bewildering enough. I mean – why is it doing things the way it is, and why is this the best way to get at the nub of the issue? Why are we being driven insane by this patently absurd, bizarre tribunal?

The actual details emerging are bewildering and I presume that I am not alone in thinking that: the multiple hard briefcases that Celia didn’t look into; taking money to a bank without counting it first; was it sterling or dollars?; landlords giving preposterously large amounts of money to their tenants for renovations to houses; no receipts given or received; no reaction to having £30,000 plonked onto a desk unasked for; a Minister of Finance not having a bank account and preferring cash; carrying huge wads of cash around and either leaving it in a wardrobe in a hotel for the night, or having it counted by bank officials in a different room; and endless details piled on endless details about who drove who where and money being taken out of accounts and moved to other accounts, seemingly without rhyme or reason. Stringing this all together into a coherent narrative is impossible. Enda Kenny has called it a “fantasy-land situation”. Unless…

The Taoiseach today opened his two days of evidence by explicity saying he never took bribes in his life. Has the tribunal accused him of taking a bribe? No. So why is he protesting his innocence then? Bizarre. Unless…

It all seems like a vast farrago of nonsense to me. Unless…it is a bunch of half-assed, barely credible LIES. That is the only sane conclusion.

So my point is this: why are we listening to this bunch of incredibly transparent lies? I mean, given that Celia Larkin can herself give three different (and contradictory) accounts of those events, and that even her latest account differs from Michael Wall’s account the previous day, and that it all makes as much sense as a mountain of bullshit, who cares anymore to listen to it? Why persist with the LIES? Why??

I want Judge Mahon to just call a halt. Just stand up and say “NO MORE LIES!”. He should close it down. Enough is enough. Those who think Bertie is a lying, cheating, venal, shallow-minded, petty, vision-less nonentity don’t need any more convincing. Those who think the sun shines out of his arse won’t have their minds changed either. Those who don’t care either way, don’t care any more. Celia, Bertie, and Mr. Wall don’t need it.

So what the fuck is it for?


1 Comment

  1. September 18, 2007 at 10:41 am

    Oh No! Somebody said the word LIES!

    [covers ears and babbles incoherently]

    I am not listening, I cannot hear you. Na na na na na na na…

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