The sum of £28,772.90 is a curious figure, projected into fame now for its infamous role in Bertie Ahern’s finances. But Google the number “2877290 Ireland” and you get this curious pdf: Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety Competent National Authorities

“Competent”? In Ireland? This raised my suspicions immediately. As also did the word “biosafety”, cleverly disguising its true intent: “boyo safety”. Bertie, being the biggest boyo of them all, should surely be connected to this, eh?

The magic number occurs for the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Sri Lanka:
+94 11 2877290

  1. 94 obviously refers to the year, 1994, that Celia lodged the money…
  2. 11 is a dark reference to 9/11, perhaps indicating some knowledge of that terrible event.
  3. The 2877290 is the amount, in cents, of the transaction.

Searching the same document for “Ireland”, further clues are revealed. The Irish Environmental Protection Agency is mentioned, alongside its regulatory functions. The full list is clearly intended to refer to the movement and distribution of large sums of money:
• Handling, transport, packaging and identification
• Intentional introduction into the environment (AIA)
• Transboundary movement (import/export)
• Contained use

Now if Bertie was not involved in the handling, transport, packaging (briefcasing), and identification of large wads of cash then I’m a monkey’s uncle. Let’s not even mention transboundary movement and contained use.

Now, even more damning proof: the “Environmental Protection Agency” is an anagram for “Money never prolong ancient attic”. Hmmm. This is clear and direct evidence that Bertie’s attic conversion was not prolonged by the absence of money.

I am forwarding these findings immediately to the Mahon Tribunal as a matter requiring urgent attention, along with signed release warrants from the authorities of Dundrum Mental Hospital showing me to be fully recovered from my recent nervous incidents…


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