Spot the odd one out

  1. If every Mars bar ever eaten was lined up, they would stretch from here to Mars.
  2. If everybody in China inhaled simultaneously, it would cause a tornado to develop over Texas.
  3. An area the size of Belguim is covered in dog poo every year in the world.
  4. Scratching burns calories faster than walking does. Scratching your arse takes up even more.
  5. In France, every child drinks, on average, 380 litres of wine per year. Totalled up, it is bigger than Lake Erie in Canada.
  6. A disease afflicting vines has been called “Black Goo” by experts.
  7. Avro Part stole his best melodies from migrating blue whales and got the Icelandic government to kill them when they threatened to sue.
  8. A special court in India has been set up to arbitrate disputes between monkey tribes.
  9. If you suck boiled sweets too hard you can damage your brain.
  10. Lingustic analysis of ancient written scripts has indicated that the first written words were probably “Dear John”.

Answer Below:

Number 6 is true. The rest, sadly, are false.

  1. They would reach nowhere since they’ve all been eaten.
  2. The tornado would develop over Florida.
  3. It happens every month.
  4. Scratching only burns 3/4 as much as walking.
  5. It is 790 litres a year and it is the size of the Atlantic Ocean.
  6. True.
  7. He got the Japanese to do it.
  8. The monkeys declared the law an ass and ignored it.
  9. Sucking too hard makes you go blind.
  10. The words were in fact “Tax Bill”. 

1 Comment

  1. David said,

    February 23, 2008 at 3:35 am

    Fantastic! I scored really really badly on this quiz (#8 was the only one I knew) but I laughed my arse off. Nearly off. Thank you shazgood!

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