China’s critics lack bite

Chinese people have a tradition of politeness, especially towards their elders or social superiors. It is very hard for them to criticise or say anything bad at all about the authorities. I just wish these critics of China would be more direct, less circumspect, and just come out and say what they’re thinking. There is way too much pussy-footing around the important issues…Here’s an example of politically-correct language and politeness gone to the extreme:

The ceremony [Opening Ceremony of Olympics] has also been strongly criticised by architect Ai Weiwei, who helped design the Bird’s Nest stadium.

Writing on his blog, Mr Ai described the ceremony as “a recycling of the rubbish of fake classical culture tradition; a sacrilegious visual garbage dump and an insult to the spirit of liberty; low class sound play that’s just noise pollution”.

He was directly critical of China’s ruling communist party, characterising the ceremony as “a showcase of the reincarnation of the Marxist imperialism; the ultimate paragon of an all embracing culture of fascist totalitarianism; an encyclopaedia that encompasses total defeat in intellectual spirit.”

Really My Ai, just come out and say what you are thinking! Stop evading the critical issues of the day! I mean, that phrase “all embracing culture of facist totalitarianism”, could you get more circumspect!?! Huh!


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