Syracuse, Sicily


The last leg of our recent tour of Sicily was in Syracuse, an ancient and historic city in the south east corner of Sicily. The pictures, from left to right, show me in front of the Duomo, the view of the Greek theatre, the Roman amphitheare, the Ear of Dionysus cave, and Susan sitting in the entrance to the Duomo.


Stromboli, Sicily

This was the second island we visited on our Sicilian/Aoelian adventure. And spectacular it was too! A surreal experience, sitting on top of a volcanic cone. We so wished we could have seen it erupt while we were there, but sadly were to be disappointed. However, it was an incredible experience all the same. The little town of Ginostra was eerily quiet, while Stromboli town itself was quite busy and commercial, but only relatively so. Here are some pictures:


Salina, Sicily

Our holidays in Sicily were superb. We stayed for three days on Salina, an Island north of Sicily. These are just some of the images. It was hot, sunny, beautiful, and idyllic.