A whole new social trend

There’s this guy in South Korea, only identified as “Park”, who sued his ex-girlfriend for the return of money he spent on dating her. He managed to squeeze a signed promise from her, after they broke up, that she would repay the money, amounting to $9,615. He won his case, at first, in a lower court, but had it overturned by a higher court.

I can see this setting a whole new social trend.

I mean, those drinks I bought my work colleagues last week was purely to make friends and influence people. If I lose my job next week, I’ll want it all back. I have the receipts to prove it. And that time I gave my next door neighbour a lift to work…well, as soon as he moves out of the neighbourhood, I’ll present him with a bill. After all, I was only doing it for good neighbourly relations, and if he moves on, where’s the value in that? And that reminds me of the game of bowling I payed for when my Canadian cousins visited a few weeks back. Now that they’ve decided to decamp back home, what good was that social investment I made? I want the money back. I should have presented them the bill before I left.

Bringing this to its logical conclusion, I can see a new web business setting up, like those sites that count your carbon footprint for you, this would count your “social footprint”. You’d get to pay for friends and socialising and get “social credits” in return. Let’s say I treat my friends to a nicely cooked meal. That would earn me enough social credits to dump toxic waste in some third world country, say. Hmmmm…this could work!